Make Up Cases and Bags

To keep all of your cosmetics stored safely and neatly and to make sure all of your products are organised, make up cases and bags are an essential tool to ensure that all of your beauty essentials are within reach and safely stored away.

Here on you can find a wide range of make up cases and bags in different designs, shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. You can also find make up cases and bags from leading brands including Ted Baker, Cath Kidston, Chanel and Clinique.

Types of Make Up Cases and Bags

Filled with drawers and compartments, a make up organiser can keep all of your products conveniently stored, with a designated area so you can find what you're looking for quickly. These organisers are robust cases designed to fit on top of a dressing table for a stylish and practical way to store make up.

Typically with a hard plastic or metal case, a make up box is ideal for artists to transport a broad range of products whilst protecting them from damage while in transit. Usually offering ample space, a make up box is perfect for storing lots of different products. The carry handle and fasteners make it easy to secure and carry.

To stop the risk of contamination, brushes can be stored in an upright brush holder to allow them to dry, ready for the next use. A brush holder makes it easy to find the right brush that you are looking for while stopping them from rolling around and getting damaged or dirty.

Designed for professionals and those who use a lot of make up, such as performers, a trolley allows you to transport everything with ease. Make up trolleys often consist of an extendable handle, wheels and a storage compartment. This makes it easy to transport equipment without worrying about carrying a heavy make up case.

Soft and durable, a make up bag is ideal for carrying essential products and making them easier to find. Bags will often come with added zip compartments so you can separate your items so that they are easy to locate and stop the risk of leaks affecting other products.