Poultry & Waterfowl Supplies

Poultry and waterfowl supplies include a wide range of accessories and products designed to help poultry and waterfowl owners provide their chickens, ducks, quail, turkeys and pigeons with a healthy and hygienic environment and supply them with food and water. 

Different types of bird fall under the poultry and waterfowl category:

  • Chickens - Products for chickens include feeders, egg hatching equipment, drinkers, housesand fencing, as well as some medicines.
  • Ducks - Houses or coops, healthcare and egg hatching equipment are supplied.
  • Turkeys - Feeder or drinker sets, healthcare, egg hatching equipment, houses and fencing are supplied.
  • Quail - Incubator and hatching accessories, feeder and drinker sets, drinkers and food are just some of the products available.
  • Pigeon - Pigeon supplies include houses, fencing, egg hatching equipment, feeders, drinkersand food.

Poultry and Waterfowl supplies include:

  • Egg hatching products - the style and design depends on the type of bird. Products range from purebreed eggs for incubating, to egg boxes and sexers.
  • Feeders - the style and design depends on the type of bird. Products range from hoppers, to basic feeders and foraging feeders.
  • Drinkers - Drinkers all supply water to the poultry or waterfowl, but the designs vary, as do the amounts of water each product holds.
  • Houses - Houses and coops depend on the poultry and waterfowl being housed. Products range from small wooden housing, to complete coops and runs.
  • Fencing - Various fencing supplies in different materials and designs, usually supplied by the length, to help poultry and waterfowl owners contain their animals.
  • Food - The food supplied is specific to individual types of poultry and waterfowl and is Healthcare - Products might include those designed to deal with worming, mite infestations and other medical issues commonly associated with poultry and waterfowl.

The Benefits Of Poultry and Waterfowl Supplies

  • Owners are able to ensure poultry and waterfowl is kept safely enclosed with housing and fencing, keeping the animals safe from harm’s way
  • Owners are able to ensure the animals are kept fed and watered adequately
  • Hatching and incubation is aided, resulting in the healthy growth and birth of the animals
  • The health of the animals is maintained with appropriate healthcare products preventing or treating common conditions