Tablets and eBook Readers

Perfect for keeping you entertained on the go, tablets and eBook readers let you take your favourite music, movies, apps and books wherever you go. Available from a range of brands including Apple, Amazon and Samsung, there's sure to be a tablet or eBook reader suited to your needs.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is perfect for reading books and newspapers during your commute to and from work or even when travelling abroad on holiday. It is lightweight and can store all your favourite titles in one place, making it the ideal travelling companion.

Apple iPad

Created as a tablet for use on the go, the Apple iPad also allows you to read eBooks, while also offering a range of other features. iBooks is a convenient app that is pre-installed on some iPad models, ready to use from the instant you set up the device.

There are millions of apps available to download from the Apple App Store, including the Kindle app. The bright and vibrant screen is perfect for reading, browsing the internet and for FaceTime calls.

Microsoft Surface

Many Microsoft Surface models are hybrid tablets and can be attached or detached from a keyboard to turn it into a laptop or tablet depending on the user's needs.

Accessories for the Microsoft Surface includes the Surface Pen, which can be used to easily navigate the touchscreen, and docking stations that act as a way of turning the tablet into a fully functioning desktop computer.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung has two lines of tablets, the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Tab is similar in design and appearance to the Note, but its biggest difference is that it does not include a stylus pen.

These stylus pens are included with all Galaxy Note tablets, to make taking notes and navigation effortless. This also makes it an ideal choice for artists that sketch, as this tablet allows you to get in touch with your creative side.